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10 Month Old Work at Home Mommy Schedule

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I know when I first became a new Mother, I researched for hours on end from feeding schedules to nap schedules to how much play time should you have a day. I wanted my Son to have the best! I wanted to be the PERFECT Mommy. There was just one problem with the way my life was, I still have to work at home in order for our Family to live the way we have chosen to live. 

This posed a problem because there was so much that I wanted to do for Liam. I was getting so frustrated at first because all I felt I was doing was breastfeeding all day and squeezing in work when I could. There were many nights that I would be up between 11:30pm & 1am working while Liam was asleep. I was so physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted! So when I tell my new Mommy friends that I know how they feel, I definitely mean it! The first couple of months are very hard because it is such a change in lifestyle.

So, to get to my point! I now have a "flexible" schedule that I go by. My job cannot have set hours because it is a new business venture and I'm in control of all operations, while we have two salesmen on the road getting and delivering orders. Information needs to be obtained whenever they hit a potential customer so I'm on call 24/7. So here is my Work at Home Mommy Schedule:

7:30am: Liam wakes Up - I get up & get him changed, brush teeth, put contacts in (I'm blind), and go downstairs for my coffee.
7:45am: Nursing #1 (About a half Hour)
8:15am-9:00am: We Cuddle & Play or sometimes I have to work at this time and he gets some alone play time in Mommys Office. I also usually slip in to the shower, get dressed, and do my make up in this time frame. And I make the bed! 
9:00am-10:00am: Liam get fed breakfast. I make his breakfast so it takes a little longer than just bringing out a jar. While he is finishing his finger foods part of breakfast, I do the dishes. And it is also when Liam gets his bath and gets dressed :)
10:00am: Nap #1 Time! I Rock Liam to sleep which takes 2 seconds but I hold him while I do my morning bible study and sometime catch up on articles or do this blog!
Between 10:30 & 11: I get Liam down on my bed for a nap. It varies in times depending on what skills he has been working on. It's usually until about 12pm. So I get some house cleaning done or more work done depending on the day. 
12:00pm-1:00pm: My husband calls in to FaceTime us for lunch. Nursing #2 takes place while I'm talking to him. Then we go down to the kitchen and I fix mine and Liam's Lunch to eat while still talking to Matt. We enjoy this time together as a family :)))
1:00pm-2:30pm: This is our open time during the day. We can choose to play or I give Liam some alone play time (we're working on independence with him) while I do house chores or again work. I also do my thirtyone and Mary Kay deliveries during this time or if I have errands, I run them.
2:30pm: Nap Time #2. This one is the hardest nap time and usually takes a little longer for him to go to sleep so I usually blog or Facebook. While he is asleep, I get more house items or work done. Some days he does not sleep and just gets fussy so I have to spend all my time with him, soothing him. Which can be exhausting but worth it in the end. 
3:00pm: My 13 year old sister gets here from school and I make sure she has a snack and that she gets her homework done. We usually talk about school or anything she has questions about. She likes to learn like me :))
4:00pm: Nursing #3
4:30pm: I start dinner while Liam plays with Shayna.
5:00pm: My Mom comes to pick up my Sister and I talk to her while fixing dinner.
5-6pm: Liam gets fed his dinner.
5:45pm: Matt (my husband) gets home from work.
6:00pm: We eat dinner as a Family.
6:30pm: Clean up from dinner & then have some family time.
7:30pm: Nursing #4 & Down for bed time.
8:00pm-10:00pm: Time with my Husband. We cuddle and watch our shows or we talk or we get projects done around the house. We just like spending time together.

Remember this is a basic schedule that is very flexible. Liam has play dates about twice a week and on the weekends his schedule goes out the window because we love to travel and have a lot of social appointments on the weekend. We also have church on Sunday morning which throws the schedule off. We have engagements at least two nights a week also, so that changes the schedule. For example, we are taking a Foundations of the Bible Course at Church on Wednesday nights and Liam cannot attend it with us. 

Just remember that even with a million and a half things going on all of the time, that little bundle in your arms and that handsome face that comes through the door every night come first! Make sure you're family is happy first and then the chores and the work are done second, it makes all the difference in the world. And of course always put God above all!!!

I will be posting my Chore Schedule later on so you guys can see how I do it and then make your own :)

If you have any questions or just need to vent contact me :)

God Bless,


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