Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Infant/Toddler Craft Idea

This year, I decided to make homemade Valentine's Day Gifts for my Husband and  both sets of Grandparents. I have an almost 10 month old and I know that anything to do with his little feet or hands they were sure to love!!!


Red Acrylic Paint
Paint Pens (Purple, Red, & Pink)
Scrapbook Paper (Valentines Colors - I chose Green & Pink)
Valentine's Day Stickers 
A Cute Baby!


(1) Lay out scrapbook papers and paint some of the acrylic paint on a hard surface that can be cleaned easy or thrown away.
(2) Dip left foot in paint and do as many prints as you need. Then wash left foot.
(3) Repeat with right foot. 
(4) Let Foot Prints Dry. Note: Make Sure they are V'd out to make a Heart.
(5) Decorate rest with Paint Pens & Stickers

It's that easy!!!!

God Bless,


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