Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another Year Wiser

This week is my 25th Birthday Week! I am a St. Pattys Day Baby which was pretty awesome when I was in college! I remember beautiful Spring Days and the warmth of just knowing that this day is all about me. I remember all of the little surprises my friends and family would have for me and everyone showering me with love. 

Well this year, I was still showered with love but it definitely wasn't anything close to the norm. Last years birthday was a big flop because I was put on bed rest right around the same time. I practically spent my birthday in the hospital and in doctors offices. So this year, I was going to get it back on track! 

It literally snowed like 6-8 inches on my birthday this year making everything shut down that I was planning on doing! Both of our cars had malfunctions, my Son was running a 102 degree temperature, I couldn't go pick up my macaroons that were replacing my birthday cake, my Mom and I couldn't go to a little small town like we planned (she even took off of work for me), and the restaurant where I was so excited for my family to visit was closed. It was like one of those days where if it could go wrong it went wrong. I was literally drowning in self pity! 

And then it happened.... You know! That wake up call that God gives you to snap you back in to reality! 

We rescheduled my family dinner to the next evening and on my way home we saw an accident had occurred about two miles from my house. When I got home, we realized that the driver had gotten shot by a police officer because he ran a police officer over with his car in an effort to not be arrested for marijuana. How precious is life, I thought to myself. 

I then heard a guy, the same exact age as myself was struck by a garbage truck and killed that same day. That accident was only one town over from me. 

And then the impossible happened. One of my friends, that I have known since high school, 4 month old had died. This was the morning after the other two accidents occurred. 

One of my best friends had contacted me to see if I knew anything but since I'm fasting from Facebook, I hadn't seen the posts about it. I contacted her to see if she was alright but it wasn't, her little angel was gone. 

How precious is life... All I could think at the moment was I can't even fathom the pain she is going through. I literally thought my heart was being ripped out at that moment. I still feel sick to my stomach from the news and haven't let go of my Son since I found out less than 24 hours ago. I've probably prayed 100 times for God to protect me from that feeling and for me to be long gone before anything happens to my Son. 

As a Mother, the worst pain I could ever feel would be losing a Child. And I have definitely been humbled since my Birthday. And I am so grateful for life! 

God is absolutely amazing in everything he does and has blessed me way more than I deserve starting with my precious boy and wonderful husband. 

The first lesson that I have learned since turning 25, only three days ago, is to not take people for granted. Stop holding off going to see someone because you think they'll always be there. Make plans and have fellowship together. Enjoy your life and give all the glory to God! We're only here for a small blip in the story of life so live it to the fullest!!!! Don't dwell in what could be or anything negative for that fact! Push yourself to be happy and fulfilled!!!

God Bless,


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