Monday, March 31, 2014

Cleaner, Greener Home: Household Toxins

Like most people that live in the United States, I grew up with a whole array of household cleaners. Windex we used for glass and mirrors, Pledge was our "dusting spray", Chlorox wipes were our kitchen clean up, and all I remember is that whatever we had for the bathroom was super strong! 

Matt and I have a wonderful and very supportive family so when we moved in to our first apartment we barely had to buy anything because our family was so excited for us that they bought us nearly everything. We received the "normal" cleaners that we were used to along with the "brand name" soaps that everyone is accustomed to nowadays. It wasn't until recently that I really have been looking at what is really in these cleaners and soaps that I has made me start to rethink my purchases. 

Here's the deal. Everything we bring in to our home releases particles in to the air. That includes you and your clothing that you are wearing! For example, when you come home from being out with someone who smokes, don't you smell the smoke on your clothes and in your hair? Well all of those chemicals that were in that cigarette just came in to your home. That's why they say if you even smell smoke do not have a baby near that area or if you smell like smoke, don't even touch a baby. Babies skin absorbs everything so much easier than adults skin and all of those chemicals are being absorbed right in that innocent baby's body. 

It's the same with everything else also. If you bring it in to your home, you are breathing it in and absorbing it in to your body. There has been study after study about people who live along water ways and how alarmingly high the cancer rates are among those people because toxins are being carried by the water and released in to the atmosphere. 

I know, I know.... Rather if you are 100 or 20, you have been using these items since you were young and you're perfectly healthy! 

But are you really? How are your allergies and your sinuses? Do you have asthma? Do you know anyone who unexplainingly has one of the million forms of cancer? Do you know someone who has had a miscarriage or lost a baby to SIDS? 

How about did you know that America has a higher pregnancy lost and infant mortality rate than most other first world countries? Did you know that we still use a lot of different chemicals in our products that are banned in most other countries who are a lot healthier than people here in the United States?

Then why do corporations allow these chemicals in their products? Why does the government? 

One answer and that is simply MONEY!

It's more costly to use healthier forms of making their products! And heaven forbid they lose profits and actually care about people's health. This is simply shown in how organic products are normally higher than their chemical pumped alternatives (but that is a different post).

It's simply stated by Jesus in the Bible when he says "the root of all evil is money." Our country, our world has come to love money more than we love each other and there lies the problem. 

Jesus lived a very simple life and never let money control him, not even for a second and yet God took care of him. Jesus wasn't just sent to earth to show God our suffering but also to show us to trust in our God. Trust what he has given us! Do your research and use that beautiful brain that God has blessed you with! Take care of your earthy body as best as you can like he commands us to! Obey his every word and he will bless you. 

Like I said before, my husband and I only live off one income. We can't afford the most luxurious organic and natural items but we also don't have to. God leads me to the information I seek to be able to live the life he wants for me while living within my means. Trust in God and you will find what you seek. Seek God and he will open so many more doors for you! 

Don't get stuck in your earthly comfort zone. Always keep moving forward to our ultimate goal which is to be more like our Savior, Jesus Christ and obey Gods commands for our life!

I hope you enjoy this series! 

God Bless,


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