Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lent 2014

This year Google Search says Lent is running from March 5th to April 17th. The reason I am second guessing this information is because my Catholic and Methodist friends are telling me differently. Their version actually makes more sense, running until April 19th (the day before Easter). 

I didn't grow up attending Church and only had a glimpse of traditional practices by watching others in my public School. In 2009, I devoted myself to God and started attending a local Baptist Church. I soon fell in love with my Church and became a member making me a Southern Baptist.

I still didn't understand some of our Church's practices at the time because in my head, I had let society, culture, and many different religions influence my thinking. It is now five years later and I am still learning and probably always will be. 

Even though the religion I have chosen does not push Lent, I have decided to participate this year not because of the traditional Catholic/Methodist views but very simply just to put my mind on God.

I have chosen to give up Facebook and Instagram for the reason that I simply waste too much time on both of them. It has became as if I can't grab my phone without instantly going to my social media folder. It is a bad habit if you are now doing it as an automatic response. 

Fasting also pushes my mind towards God because now when I open that folder and my FB and IG apps are not in there, I instantly think of God. It is keeping me more centered and balanced with the life that God wants me to have.

I truly believe social media isn't one of Gods favorite things for us. He'd rather us be out and about meeting and serving people. I believe he wants us to enjoy his creation, just not sit like a zombie in front of a screen all day facebooking with people you'll probably never actually hang out with or playing meaningless games to pass by the time.

I'm not saying that Social Media doesn't haven't it's perks, especially for staying in the loop in the community as well as doing business but I just think like everything else we do in America, we have abused our privileges. 

So I am giving it up, well at least for Lent and then maybe I will be able to just use it as a reference after that. I want to give all my Glory to God, not to a mindless internet. 

What are your thoughts? What are you giving up for Lent??? I would love to start a conversation!!!

God Bless,


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  1. Hehe I am in the same boat- i don't quite get a lot of the different parts of religion because we didn't grow up practicing a lot of them. I really want to read up on all the different aspects of the various sects of Christianity because I didn't realize how different they were. As for the dates- I wonder if google doesn't have it ending on the first day of "holy week" because I actually think that that is when Jesus time in the wilderness ended. I think you only get to 40 days by counting the days between Ash Wednesday and the 17th and skipping Sundays. It's odd. I've just always considered the period of lent only Jesus rises on the Sunday. But you might be right because lent is to "mock" his time in the wilderness but really we are extending it until well after he was crucified. Hmmm.