Friday, June 13, 2014

Simplification - My New Life's Standard

A month ago I was completely happy! Now when I say completely happy it doesn't mean the same thing as having everything I want. I was greatful for what I had and for the most part I am still grateful what I do have. I was on a really good path in my opinion and very very comfortable!

If you are a Christian like myself, you know what happens when you get comfortable. God happens! God doesn't want you to be sedentary but instead continuously growing and becoming more like him. 

I often Pray for God to make my life in to the life that he wants me to live. At that time I thought where I was was exactly where he wanted me. And maybe he did at that moment...

I was volunteering at Church as a leader in a ministry, working part time from home with my Son by my side, I was being a good wife to my husband, I was reading the bible and devotions, I was in a small group for church as well as leading a separate one. My family's life seemed to be the perfect Christian life. 

As my husband and I were talking on a roadtrip the beginning of last month, my husband said to me "we often have to reflect to make sure we are doing what we are doing with a pure heart, Gods will." At first I instantly thought, I am doing everything for God, why else would I be volunteering every ounce of time I have free to the Church. But as I thought and meditated on that sentence I came to realize I had fell back in to my old habits of Pride once again. I wasn't doing any of this for God, well not first, I was doing it for me. I wanted my name in lights, I wanted to be known for my talents, and I wanted everyone looking at me as the best Christians they know. That was totally wrong of me! I had just gotten so wrapped up in everything that I totally forgot why I started doing everything in the first place.

I then decided to Pray to God for guidance and have since then. I left my Leadership post at Church and started to simplify everything in my life one by one. I want to be broken down and humbled and built back up strong with God as my guide. 

God has been laying it on my heart to live a less cluttered life for awhile. This includes financially, materially, and emotionally. Starting the second week of June I set a goal to pay off my debt, then I figured out I could hit two birds with one stone. I started selling all of our non necessity items one by one and quickly paid off one account in full as well as stuffed our emergency fund. I was on a mission! I am still working on paying off our debt but it's only been a month.

My husband had to go to Texas for a week on a business trip, for those of you who don't know my background, I live in Maryland. So Texas is pretty far away. While he was out of town I recieved another push and this time I wasn't comfortable at all. Sell your house. What! I love my house! My hubby and I have been thinking about moving about 50 minutes North of where we live to a nice small town for awhile but I was always hesitant. But for some reason I was given clarity that day that that is where we are suppose to be. People in that area have high regards for living a more morally based life from what they eat to how they live. It makes sense that I would be pulled towards that area while still in the learning phase of my new life.

So our house is for sale! And our material items are being cleared out piece by piece. We're becoming closer to being financially free and my heart is humbling. It's amazing how small steps can help lead you to bigger steps. I already make my own household products as well as eat mostly local/organic everything. I meal plan healthy meals as well as only spend $260/month on groceries. I buy used clothing/furniture/toys and so on to reuse. I'm on the right path. 

But what really surprised me is that I'm a girly girl, I like my make up! For the last week I've been going out in public with no make up. That's a biggie for me! Not only is it healthier for my skin, I am confident 100% in my own skin now to not have to wear it. It is a great feeling! 

If you're interested in learning more or have questions you can leave them in the comments below. I will hopefully be posting more items on livings simply soon in more detail.

Thanks for reading and God bless!


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