Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Christian Stay at Home Mommy

This past Friday night, my Husband surprised me as I walked down the stairs, after putting our 17 month old to bed, with my favorite large candle lit on the coffee table and "Moms Night Out" rented on our Apple TV all ready to go. 

I don't watch a lot of television, I mostly listen to KLove on the radio which doesn't have any Commercials, and don't really get on social media that much anymore, so I didn't really know what to expect with the movie. I know that some of my friends were excited to see it when it was in the movie theatre but had no more information than that to go on. By the title it sounded like one of those spin offs of "The Hangover" movies but of course with Women. 

As the first few minutes went by, I wasn't really sure what to think. Yes being a Stay at Home Mommy is the hardest job that I've ever done but the main character was looking a little crazy to me! Especially since she didn't have to work from home, she literally had to just watch her three Children. Not saying it's not hard because I know it can be exhausting. 

But then the next frame it was Sunday and they were in Church. I then instantly understood that this was a Christian Mommy movie. One that was long over do, one that should be just like all of the other movies and not have to be deemed a Christian movie but society is so out of hand it's crazy! But that's another post.

Overall the movie was good, it got a little out of hand and was a bit over the top for me. But one moment stuck with me, mostly because I get so much backlash about it from the majority of people in the world. She was simply describing her stolen Mini Van to the police. She described it as having a"Go Organic" sticker, a "Homeschool" sticker, and a Jesus Fish on it. That made me listen more because literally that is me up and down. 

Two years ago, I worked in the business realm. Don't get me wrong there are nice people, but behind all the smiles there is greed and people looking to gain more and more power. Hey, I was one of those people! It damaged my marriage, it damaged my relationships with Friends, and most importantly my relationship with God! But I really didn't care at the time because all I cared about was doing what was best for me. That's how we are raised nowadays! Don't be dependent on anyone or anything, you have to take care of you first! But as a Christian, I know that is 110% wrong, we need to depend on God and we need a great network around us to fall back on when we fail and we will fail! 

I now rely on my Husband to financially support our Family for the most part, yes I make a very modest sum of money to help out every month but believe me he is definitely the bread winner by far! I respect him and love him so much for this. We both decided to cut our income by half when we decided I was going to stay at home. We relied on God to provide and help us through it and he did. We would have never guessed we could actually live on the amount of money we are living on now. It was very hard to transition but God was with us every step of the way. 

Now God is growing me more than I could ever have imagined for his glory. As a stay at home mother and wife, I live by Proverbs 31. I take a submissive approach to my marriage. My Husband is the leader of our Family and makes the decision for the household, he consults me on his decisions but ultimately knows it is up to him. And I respect his decisions! That's the biggie in a Christian marriage. I know so many marriages that both spouses try to be the leader which makes them disrespect each other on a daily basis. That doesn't happen in our household anymore and our marriage is stronger than ever! I'll have a future post about this because I know many of you have questions and concerns.

I am also growing as a Christian Mother. I grew up with Barney, Nickelodeon, and Disney. I just assumed my Children would grow up the same way. It wasn't until I really dove into the bible and realized that  even positive culture doesn't always mean it aligns with the Bible. So Liam has only been exposed to a small amount of media. He wasn't allowed to watch television until a couple months ago. And if he does watch something it mostly is the cartoons that go along with his Beginner Bible. Liam now prefers to be read to, do puzzles, play pretend, and help Mommy with chores rather than indulging in television. It's just small things like this that can make a world of difference. It's things like these that are totally opposite of culture that can help a child move more towards God or away from God. It's sad that are world is like this but the bible tells us that the world is going to continue to deteriorate until the end of time. Us as Parents really need to put what is really important in perspective.

Is it more You time that you need so your Children have to be exposed to things they probably shouldn't be exposed to. Or is that large house, nice cars, jewelry, and purses worth more than you knowing 100% what your child is being taught? These are just some things to think about. I don't judge because that is not me being a Christian if I do. But I do hope that a Mommy on the border of the decision may see this post and it may help her with her decision. I also know that there are many different circumstances and I respect them all. I have a Sister that is a single Mama. She has to work to support my nephew who in turn has to go to day care. Believe me, I get it! And God does too! You all are doing what is BEST for your Child and your circumstances! And you are a great Mother for it! We are all great Mothers! 

The most important thing is to trust in The Lord in every aspect of your life. Read his word and continuously draw closer to him no matter your age or ability. Pray continuously over and over to him, from thanking him for dishes to have to be washed because that means your family had food to eat to the never ending piles of laundry you have because that means you have little feet running around playing and a husband that is working hard for your family. God is great and he will always be there for you no matter what! Just give your worries to him and he will pull you through!

Live Gracefully with God!



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