Friday, May 1, 2015

15 Weeks

It's the beginning of May 2015 and I am officially 15.5 weeks Pregnant with my 2nd and last Child.

If you read any of my previous posts, you would know that I had complete placenta previa with my first child resulting in both of us almost losing our lives. But it was God's will that we both survived and now I have a bouncing baby 2 year old! He is absolutely the most perfect child I could ever ask for. He literally is! He sleeps from 8pm to 9-10am straight through. And even sometimes take a nap during the day. He is happy go lucky with no health problems and even though he was born 2 months premature he is in the 50th percentile. He is smart as a whip, eats healthy, and is my little buddy. I literally couldn't ask for a better Son than him. He is my absolute world!

Back to my next little one...

Matt and I decided in January of 2015 finally, that we were done having Children because of all the past complications and we were content with just one child. We had recently sold our house and were living in a three bedroom apartment not far from our local Park and Zoo. We were so content and excited for what God had next for us. Was it Matt going to seminary? Was it moving to another state or Town? The possibilities were endless because we had just paid off all of our debt. We were free! It had been a long time coming since we've been living on just one income for two years.

I went to my yearly OBGYN check up and we spoke about our long term actions in preventing pregnancy. My body had been rejecting birth control for the past year and I really needed something more permanent. She said to talk to Matt and follow up in two weeks. We came to the conclusion in that time that we were not going to have another child. A week later it was our 10 year anniversary, a week after that I found out I was pregnant! Wow does God work in mysterious ways!

Matt and I are so excited about our new little blessing! Even though they were not planned, we know that they are met to be and we are met to be Parents of 2. We went and bought a mini van and are currently under contract for our second house a little closer to Matt's work. Everything has come together perfectly because we are walking in God's will.

The only downfall to this pregnancy is I am severely sick! When I say sick, I mean I can't get out of bed some days. It's nauseating just to walk by my kitchen. I have it so bad that I'm on Meds for my nausea. I'm in my second trimester and still feel like I'm 6 weeks. It has been a LONG 3 months. I'm a work at home Mommy, it's so hard balancing time with a toddler and my work already let alone being sick all of the time. Today was one of those days where I literally can't get myself together. BUT I haven't lost a baby like last time and I don't have a life threatening condition. In that lies my blessing. 

When I found out I was pregnant, I Prayed with tears streaming down my face several times to have a normal pregnancy. I didn't ask for easy. I asked for normal! A Pregnancy that I was able to happily attend my baby shower without having to stress that the stress of the shower would send me in to labor. To not be so sore after my shower and so tense that I had to lay in bed and cry. To not wake up 11 times thinking I had miscarried. And to not have to go through the struggle of having my newborn child live in the hospital for 3 weeks before I was able to bring them home. So far my Prayers have been answered. And every time this little one kicks my hand all the pain goes away in that second and I smile knowing that soon my pain will be over and I will have one of the most precious gifts God gives us in my arms.

Please Pray for my health and for good news at my next sonogram regarding my placenta and the Baby's health. Please Pray for my strength in getting through my normal day to day while being so sick. Please Pray for Liam because he has to see Mommy struggle every day even if I try to hide it. And Pray for my Husband because he had to put up with me and take all of my slack.

I love you all! God Bless!


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